The world's greenest, cheapest, enterprise grade option for compute capacity

Cloud compute tokens

Redeem tokens at any time after ICO period ends for compute capacity.

Optimized for you

Purchase capacity for your specific workload and duration.

Save energy

Our platform minimizes electrical losses and is designed to take advantage of energy market dynamics.

Fast, scalable, efficient

Easy interface and scalable infrastructure enables rapid deployment and nimble reaction to market conditions.

Renewable resources

Schedule workloads at available renewable energy resources to ensure precise, indisputable achievement of your sustainability goals.

Distributed resiliency

CirrusCoin service designs resiliency into the network as opposed to specific node


What is CirrusCoin?

CirrusCoin, by Greensparc Inc., tokenizes the linkage of electricity and cloud computing in a novel way. One CirrusCoin is redeemable for one kilowatt hour (kwh) of high-performance computation in our network of edge cloud resources co-located at optimal nodes in the electrical grid (including renewable energy resources).

How it works

Cloud compute clients redeem CirrusCoin in exchange for high performance computing on our Distributed Resiliency Cloud Infrastructure. Scheduling interface allows clients to size and schedule resources to best fit their workloads including specification of energy resources to meet their sustainability goals. Greensparc’s proprietary load optimization platform ensures resources are best fit for client service level and workload requirements.